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Special affiliate program / partnership: 

Our company offers to anyone to make an additional earning using our affiliate program. 

What is it «Special affiliate program»:

Becoming a partner of our company you will obtain a reward for the client acquisition.  Our affiliate program is for you a real way to earn money, based on a contractual basis, and it is an advanced possibility to develop your own business in this field. For us it is a way to increase the growth of sales of our services.    

Who can participate in the affiliate program?

An affiliate program is open to physical and legal entities with the resources to acquire potential clients. The acquisition of clients should not be restricted with the borders of the Kaluga Region. We work with different regions of Russia and consider all offers. 

This special program is not applied to employees in acquired companies and their relatives, government officials and other affiliated persons.

What is the way of proceeding of this program?

You promote to the customer acquisition and to the signing of a commercial contract.    

We provide services to them - you get a reward from the transaction.

How the payments of remuneration will be made?

The payments of remuneration will be made according to the contract concluded between you and our company, by transfer of money to your bank account.  The amount of payments depends directly on the number of acquired clients and on the amount received from the client.    

What is the remuneration rate??

The remuneration rate depends directly on the transaction amount and on the volume of delivery of a client. The bigger the acquired client is, the higher the amount of remuneration.

Moreover, in the case of acquisition of several partners, you become our Honorary partner and get a discount on all the services provided by our company. The amount of your remuneration only increases accordingly.

How should you acquire clients?

You have resources to acquire potential clients; we have services that can be sold. Each of us minds own business and gets real money for it. 

We are pleased to partner with you and are confident that during the cooperation with our company you get guaranteed quality service and willingness to cooperate on an ongoing basis.

Our workflow
You sign a contract for customs representative’s services, we do everything else!
We define optimal places of customs clearance, in accordance with the fixed logistics routes and your wishes.
We agree the cost of customs clearance services, taking into account all your wishes
We make an initial analysis and handling of documents
We make a preliminary calculation of customs payments
We deliver your cargo to its destination point within specified time and at the best price
We make customs clearance of your cargo in accordance with the chosen customs treatment
We prepare the full set of completed documents
When necessary, we deliver your cargo to its final destination point with our own transport
And only after all of these procedures you pay for our services in strict adherence to the signed contract